National News Orgs To Unpack OTT Strategies

By TVNewsCheck on April 24, 2019

CNN’s Rajin Persaud, CBS Interactive’s Christy Tanner, Newsy’s Blake Sabatinelli and Fox News Channel’s John Fiedler comprise the “Creating the Right News Content Nationally” panel at TVNewsCheck’s OTT News Summit on June 11.

By: TVN Staff
April 24, 2019 6:06 EDT

CNN’s Rajin Persaud

Executives from leading national news players in the OTT space will discuss their strategies for packaging and presenting content on the platform at TVNewsCheck’s OTT News Summit.

CBS Interactive’s Christy Tanner

Rajin Persaud, VP of digital products at CNN; Christy Tanner, VP and GM of CBS Interactive; Blake Sabatinelli, CEO of Newsy; and John Fiedler, EVP digital products and technology for Fox News will tackle the complexities of “Creating the Right News Content Nationally” at 11:30 a.m. on June 11 at the Microsoft Conference Center in New York.

They will also look at how technology is both helping and challenging OTT workflow in their newsrooms as well as the platform’s emerging monetization picture.

Newsy’s Blake Sabatinelli

“This is a panel of key national players and first movers whose insights on OTTcontent strategy, technology and revenue illuminate the first steps for newsrooms everywhere,” says Michael Depp, TVNewsCheck special projects editor. “Rajin at CNN Go and John at Fox Nation speak to cable news’ biggest OTT plays to date, while Christy was an early leader in the space for broadcast at CBS and Blake brings a wholly different view from digital native Newsy.”

Fox News Channel’s John Fiedler

TVNewsCheck’s OTT News Summit will explore all elements of the OTT value chain for news organizations. Sessions will cover news content; back-end technology; product design and user experience; measurement; discovery; ad tech and monetization. It aims to empower news organizations to frame and refine their deployment strategies on OTT, a rapidly expanding platform essential to reaching audiences, especially younger viewers.

The Summit is presented in conjunction with Sports Video Group.

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